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Why Dashing Duck?

Dashing Duck Marketing, is a Gloucestershire marketing agency, specialising in producing high quality creative marketing content that is insight driven, sustainable and forward thinking. We know how important it is to keep our clients front of mind with their audience, and we understand the importance of constant regular marketing as well as one off marketing campaigns that are  experimental and disruptive to push audience and brand boundaries. 


We pride ourselves on our storytelling ability, and take the time to really understand our clients, their business, their goals and objectives, and who and where their target audience is before coming up with powerful ideas that people connect with.


We apply this strategy to all the marketing campaigns we craft for our clients to ensure that the content hits their marketing objectives. Combined with our green-minded services, we are confident that businesses of all shapes and sizes will see growth and engagement through working with us.

What To Expect?

At Dashing Duck Marketing, we pride ourselves on our insight-driven and communication-led approach. This means that, whenever we look at how we can help a business and brand, we base our marketing suggestions on in-depth research and honest communication as to what would work best for them in particular. This helps us consistently create high-quality content that achieves results for our clients.


We combine this approach with our years of experience in the media industry, which has given us the know-how and skills necessary to create marketing campaigns that are common-sensical and connect with people. 

We always look to work with our clients as an extension of their team rather than as distant contractors, as we feel like this gives us the understanding to market the best things about your business and keep your brand front of mind.

Our Process

Here at Dashing Duck Marketing, we approach every client with our tried-and-tested creative strategy. Beginning with a kick-off meeting, we'll get to know the ins and outs of your business: your goals, your achievements, and your marketing needs. With the key insights and understandings from this meeting, we will then conduct thorough research of your company, your competitors, and the landscape of your industry.

This document will outline the strengths and weaknesses of how you and your competitors are marketing toward your target audience and within your particular industry. From here, we'll craft the crucial insight-led recommendations as to what needs to change and how we can help you implement those changes and grow the reach and recognition of your business and brand.

This approach allows us to pick out precisely those marketing tools, from billboards to a brand-redesign, that will genuinely help your business connect with your target audience. And, because you'll always be involved every step of the way and the creative was designed with your particular needs in mind, the resulting messaging will be entirely bespoke and will feel completely genuine to those who receive it. 

Whilst we are a Gloucestershire marketing agency, we work across the whole of the UK

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