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Why Dashing Duck?

Through clever marketing strategy and creative content, we help businesses and brands reach their marketing objectives and connect with their target audiences. We do this by taking the time to really understand our clients before coming up with the powerful, memorable ideas that consumers genuinely connect with. 
Whether it's through video, graphic design, or copywriting, our team will work with you to make your brand stand out. We apply strategic thinking to all marketing material to ensure that content is always aiming in the right direction. We are confident that businesses of all stripes will see growth and engagement through working with us.

With everything we do, we are story tellers, connecting you with you audience. For example we don't just see ourselves as videographers / or a video production company, but as film makers, that tell powerful stories. This attitude is applied to every part of our work, and want to be see as an extension of your marketing team, making content and strategy that works and generates results.

We are a marketing & content agency, specialising in video production & animation, graphic design, copywriting and strategy.

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