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Appsbroker, a software company specialising in the banking sector, contacted us to help them with some filming of an event that they had put on for their clients at London Velodrome and produce an events highlights film. They wanted an agency that could give them a different creative approach that highlighted the value and impact of the event in a way that also demonstrated their commitment to their clients.

We wanted to capture all aspects of the day, from the speakers and presentations to the main event of track cycling. Using slow motion cameras and action style cameras, we were able to capture the fun and excitement of the track day -- from guests arriving on site and enjoying the day to the networking aspects on top of that. It was crucial that we get across the feel of the event so that current and future clients can see how Appsbroker give back to those they worked with.

The final film succeeded in showcasing how much all the attending clients enjoyed the London Velodrome event. The punchy video acts as a memorable marketing tool for the software company, and we're incredibly happy with how it turned out for them. If ever the the opportunity to work with them again turned up, we'd love to help Appsbroker continue their expansion.


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