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We were incredibly proud to propose high quality concept development to Bitesize -- the BBC's free online study support resource for school-age pupils in the United Kingdom -- and the engaging animations we produced are prime examples of our drive to make education accessible to everyone.


The pandemic had catapulted the education service from a supplementary platform to an essential resource for children everywhere, and we wanted to help Bitesize level-up their content in line with the increased dependancy and demand. We produced two colourful science animations, covering both magnetism and changes of states, and an English language animation that helps students better understand the correct usage of certain punctuation.


We're incredibly happy with how they turned out, and we're excited to see if these punchy animations lead to collaboration with Bitesize in the future.

Our Words

"It was great to work on these proposals for Bitesize, and we enjoyed working as a team to explore some interesting concepts and showcase our talent for making education engaging and enjoyable for children everywhere."

Dave Ashdown

Creative Director

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