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Calton primary school approached us to work with them as a creative agency because they wanted a film that would increase admissions, show that the school had greatly improved, and showcase the family friendly and inclusive nature of the school. We know how much the right school radically determines the quality of education a child receives, so we were more than happy to help Calton Primary reassure parents that their school was the right choice for their children.

We created a 5 minute film that showcased the warmth and quality education that the school provided. We were sensitive to the concerns of parents, and made sure that we had permission to film all the children involved in the production. It was important for us to highlight the culture of Calton Primary as well as the focus on excellent education, as the warm, encouraging atmosphere was key to the school's newfound strength.


The film successfully captured the essence of the various parts of the school life in one day of filming, crafting a final product that got right to the heart as to why you should choose Calton Primary and, as a result, drove up their positive, general interest, and admissions.


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