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Charlie's is a Gloucestershire-based cancer care charity that focuses on providing non-medical treatment to anyone and everyone affected by cancer -- be it the sufferers themselves or the incredible people who support them day by day. Through their care centre, the charity works to improve the mental and social wellbeing of their attendees through a variety of activities, ranging from an arts studio to massage suites.

As a local Gloucester based agency, we were incredibly excited to work on the creative and produce this film and supporting content for Charlies. The mental health of those affected by cancer is a pervasive issue, having a long-term psychological and physical impact, but it's a problem often overshadowed by the very real threat that the disease poses to so many. The fundraising & case study film we crafted with them shows why caring for the mental wellbeing of those affected with so important, and it emphasises the need for more funding to ensure that, whatever the weather, people have a place to go where they can leave cancer at the door.


We're intensely proud of the time we spent working with Charlie's and the army of incredible staff, volunteers and attendees that give the charity life. We also look forward to any future opportunities to continue helping them grow their reach. To support Charlie's and all the good work that they do, you can make a donation and volunteer here.


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