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The Cotswold Canal Trust are a local charity whose central mission is to restore and rejuvenate vast stretches of long-abaondoned canal for the economic, social, cultural, and individual benefit of the local community. 

The Trust needed the services of a creative agency because they were vying for £8.9 million from the National Lottery Heritage Fund to continue their restoration of the local canal in Stroud. Normally, the Fund would have visited the project, but the pandemic had made this impossible. As a result, they wanted a video to help capture the importance of their project and the passion of everyone involved; from the volunteers to the heads of the Trust themselves. 

Filming close to 50 people across 9 miles of canal, we crafted a powerful 15 minute film that showcases the dedication and care of all involved and the necessity of more funding to ensure that all the good work could continue. The video was successful in helping the Cotswold Canal Trust secure the funding and remains one of their most vital assests when it comes to sharing the purpose of the charity and fundraising for further developments.


"We were very grateful to Dashing Bear Productions for pointing out perhaps deficiencies in the message where we needed to strengthen things and tone things down to get the overall feel of things. Dashing Duck helped us with that process and we ended up with something brilliant in terms of a video and it landed us £8.9 million from the National Lottery."

Dave Marshall

Stroud District Council


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