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Dashing Duck Marketing - Graphic Design For Brand Launch - South West

Ian Hunter, Founder of Cotswoldetours, came to us with one simple and yet entirely intriguing idea: let's take advantage of our unbeatable countryside and launch a fully-guided, electrically powered mountain biking tour service. As far as we knew, nobody was offering such a service in the Cotswolds -- and with his worldwide experience of unforgettable guided tours, Ian Hunter was the right man to show everyone what they'd been missing.


We worked with Ian from concept to delivery -- putting our strategy, communications, design, and development skills to ensuring that the company launch was exactly what he wanted and needed. We collaborated with Ian to pick out the right name; we involved him intimately in the construction of his brand identity; and we burned the midnight oil in our drive to properly shape the company's tone of voice. 


All of this collaboration produced a brand that reflected the inspiration within Ian's idea -- a brand that attracted potential riders to a tour service that would deliver on providing unforgettable experiences for everyone involved. From there, we worked with Ian to launch his social media; and, as detailed on another project page, we proudly designed and built the incredible Cotswoldetours website.

Their Words

"What a wonderful experience to find a company that is able to translate your vision so brilliantly! From the outset, any of the concepts for my Cotswoldetours website designed by Callum at Dashing Duck, would have been a success. Dave oversaw everything, giving me both guidance and advice, resulting in a brilliant platform with which to launch my new business. Tom's excellent copywriting skills set the tone and the direction. Making sure the most important points were properly addressed. Lexy's knowledge of the social media side has been invaluable. A brief show and tell supported by a cheat sheet to get me started on platforms I've never used before. What a team! Everyone I met was skilled, knowledgeable, good fun and contributed in some way to make the whole experience an absolute delight."

Ian Hunter


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