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El Rayo Tequila-02.png


El Rayo, founded by best friends Jack and Tom after a revelation in Peckham, brings modern Mexico to the masses through its signature, gorgeously designed Tequila. Their eye-catching brand, designed by Mexico-based studio Toro Pinto, is unmatched in its boldness and warmth. We’ve long been enamored with the unique approach that the duo have taken to spreading their reach and all the authenticity it brings to their image – so when the opportunity arose to produce a short animation for them, we jumped at the chance to lend them a hand and pull out all the stops.


The pair heading El Rayo described the event that inspired them to start the company as a “lightning bulb moment” – and they’re both intensely passionate about incorporating the real Mexico, full of richness, vibrancy, flavour and creativity, into the feel of their entire business. These two factors inspired and defined the animation which, using paper cuts out and warm, moody colours, captured the essence and allure of their brand. We’re incredibly proud of this work, and we’re excited about the potential to work with El Rayo as the continue to break open the tequila.


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