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Healthwatch Gloucestershire had done a survey post-covid for mental health in Gloucestershire and needed to present the findings back to key stakeholders in an easy to digest and simple way. They wanted to show the number of responses from the public as well as highlighting key quotes, and they thought a film would be the best way to do this and approached as a creative agency to come up with an idea that suited.

We came up with an animation style that allowed the video to flow and convey information but also show the the key points without bombarding the audience with too much data. This was vital, as it's all to easy to simply slap quotes on a screens without regard for pacing and engagement. We wanted audiences to do more than just passively watch the video, but wanted them to take in the findings and get a sense of the impact of events that have occurred over the past.


As a result, the video successfully connected with audiences and increased awareness of the important findings. It was well received by the Gloucestershire public. 


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