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Bear promotional image-01.png


Using a range of skills we created everything needed to launch an alcoholic drinks brand. From the product itself to social media ads, print ads and animations, all of this content comes together to be the perfect launch pad for any brand looking to create an impact onto the drinks market.

Bear beer graphic desing brand guidelines.png

Tone of voice

We began with a range of graphic design decisions to determine how the brand would communicate with the consumer. This ranged from colour scheme choices, typeface decisions and the creation of the brand's logo. This acted as the perfect base to start developing the brand’s identity and forms of communication with the consumer.

Illustrating the bears

With the help of one of our very talented illustrators we began illustrating the bears using the colour schemes we had previously determined. With some time the style of the artwork really came together to create a semi realistic, semi vector style that complimented the colours and future design choices made for this project

Bear illustration splitscreen-01.png
Bear can labels-01.png

Creating the Packaging

To complement the angular styling of the logotype we created numerous shapes and patterns to be used throughout the packaging. These shapes were not only a continuation of the logos style but were an effective way of emphasising the bear illustrations. A combination of the shapes and illustration really brought the packaging together to create an eye-catching design.

Social media ads

With the packaging design and tone of voice determined, the next step was to create advertisements for the products. With some help from our copywriter we created 3 cheeky bits of copy that would accompany shots of the product’s packaging. With the colours, shapes and copy determined we created 3 eye catching ads that would work very effectively for a social media campaign. 

Bear Social media advertisements-01.png
Bear animation hero shot.png

Creating the video 

Using everything we had previously established, we decided to finalise this project with an animation. This animation would accompany all the media we had previously created and works to bring the entire campaign together. Utilising a combination of 3D animation and digital animation techniques. We created a promotional video that embodies the brand’s identity and also encourages the consumer to buy the product. 

Completed video


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