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Dashing Duck Marketing - Charity Fundraiser Video

The Hollie Gazzard Trust, a Gloucestershire-based charity determined to spread awareness and change attitudes regarding domestic abuse, asked us to create an engaging animation promoting the Hollie Guard App.

The app is designed to be used by anyone looking to keep safe, be it in their own home or walking alone at night. With built in alarms, a journey feature and a function to notify the police -- the Hollie Guard fulfils the Trust's mission to help people when they need it.

The final animation is punchy, concise and informative -- giving potential users a comprehensive explanation of all the vital details that they need to know. We are incredibly proud of the positive impact this film has had on the many people who have since gone on to use it for their protection.

Their Words

"Dashing Duck Marketing have worked with us for six months and they've made

some amazing videos for our new website which they have done a brilliant job of designing.

I can't recommend them enough."

Nick Gazzard

Founder of The Hollie Gazzard Trust

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