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Museum of the Moon at University of Bristol - photo by Carolyn Eaton...jpg


Inside Out Dorset wanted a video to help launch and promote a range of events featuring artwork from internationally acclaimed Artist Luke Jerram around Dorset and the South West. They had already created marketing materials, including the work of a paper artist who had designed a poster in a paper cut out style, and the client was keen for the same style to cross over into the video and other marketing content and asked us as a creative agency to produce this video.

Scanning in each of the paper elements, we were able to create an animation which was able to match the style of the artwork and use the paper cutouts to create a journey showing the different events. We paired the animation with some existing footage of Luke Jerram’s Museum of the Moon to really highlight the event and create excitement for it.

The success of this video saw an uplift in the numbers of people who visited the museums during the tour. Jerram has now agreed to work more with the Dorset Arts Council to bring other pieces of art to the local area.The film was produced with the help of, and in partnership with, Lost and Found Communications, Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival, and b-side.


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