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Cheltenham based charity, IT Schools Africa wanted a 15th Anniversary film showcasing the hard work they had done in Africa and Gloucestershire. They wanted to ensure that the videos showed the heritage, history, and green nature of the charity. They also wanted to highlight why there was a need for their charity, why it was important to provide education resources in Africa, and why their  educational work in Gloucestershire helps avoid community deprivation through basic computer skills training; allowing people to apply for jobs and give them skills that help in a modern day society.

Knowing that a large part of the work the charity does is based in Africa, we had to come up with a way to film content without flying out. This is where being a creative agency comes into place and to do things differently. We spoke to one of the volunteers who was in Africa and taught them how to film on their mobile. We gave them tips, prepared a document and explained over a phone call how to effectively create content on their mobile. We paired this with capturing and filming interviews in the UK, as well as supporting footage to help tell the story of the charity. Wwe also produced nine shorter social media versions to support the anniversary film.   

The videos were shown at the event and led to £5,000 of donations from that event alone, which were doubled to £10,000 through a government scheme. 


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