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Dashing Duck Marketing - Client Testimonial - Gloucestershire

Kung Fu Accounting, based in Gloucestershire, approached us as a creative content agency to produce two films promoting their services. They wanted the films to showcase how they save their clients money as well as showing that there’s a human side to their accounting. Helping people refine their financial approach and gain focus doesn't just balance the books: it helps businesses improve their growth and, thus, their wellbeing.


We wanted to showcase the businesses that benefit from their accounting services by filming client testimonials that show the team working with the client at visually stunning locations, which helped them move their image away from the typical corporate style of the office environment. Our approach ultimately allowed for a warm sale of Kung Fu Accounting, providing a human approach to a misunderstood professional service.

As a result of the film, the business has grown tremendously to the point where more staff have been brought on to help service an ever-expanding base of clients. We're completely chuffed at the work we did to help Kung Fu Accounting break the mould and establish themselves as a trusted provider of financial assistance.

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