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Dashing Duck Marketing - Gloucestershire Animation Agency

Logo animations are a clever way to engage audiences and customers, so it's no surprise that we often help clients of all shapes and sizes bring their unique logo, and with it their entire brand identity, to life. Between the big films and dedicated designing, these projects are often welcome opportunities for our animators to show off and explore their creative flair.


From children's book publisher Muddy Little Boots to more traditional businesses like Acorn and Activate, we have a diverse portfolio of logo designs that showcase our talent for creative animation. The variation in this pool of clients highlights our adaptability and our capacity to fully realise the business's vision -- regardless of what that vision may be.


We're incredibly proud of all these unique designs, and we're excited regarding the possibility of working on more logo designs in the future.

Their Words

"A brilliant marketing company. Creative and skilful. They quickly understand the objective and offer great solutions. They are also sensitive to budgets and timings and ensure the final output exceeds expectation but not budget! Very happy to recommend."

Andrew Hussey

Muddy Little Boots

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