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Our Story


Dashing Duck Marketing is a Gloucestershire based creative agency founded on the idea that there is a better way to do marketing. The egg was hatched at our sister company, Dashing Bear Productions, when we noticed that our clients were often asking for marketing services to go with the high quality videos that we were crafting for them. It quickly dawned on us that we had all the skills necessary to help our clients with their marketing needs, from social media to brand design, and we got to work cultivating our unique and forward thinking identity. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Through our powerful, common sense marketing, we help our clients connect with people and grow their business. We do this by taking a well-researched approach that springs from our clients needs and plays to their strengths. All the marketing we produce for you, whether on social media, through billboards, or on your website, will be bespoke and built from the ground up. In our experience, this helps you break from the crowd and create a rich digital presence that people consistently engage with and remember when they continue to reshape their consumption habits.


We believe that, in this digital age, the best marketing can be done in an environmentally conscious and sustainable way. This means a greater focus on social media campaigns, website optimization and design, and digital out of home advertising over traditional forms of advertising. And it means that, when we venture into print marketing and billboards, we will always be careful to make sure that our efforts to help our clients do not come at the cost of the environment. 

For example, although print marketing is going the way of the dodo, there are still circumstances where it can effectively spread the messages of brands and businesses and help grow their reach. To avoid the environmental cost of print, we at Dashing Duck Marketing take a staunchly green approach: all paper used in print will be recycled and recyclable, and we will only recommend print when it is most suited, and will suggest printing in accordance with demand so that waste is kept to a minimum. Some may see these measures as too strict, but we’re not interested in polluting the pond for personal gain. We can and will do better.

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Our care for the environment is also mirrored by the attention we pay to the working culture that we foster which, both between staff and with our clients, emphasises the importance of transparency, innovation and, most importantly, a lighthearted approach. For our marketing to be as powerful as it can be, we need to inject into it the same positive energy that we want consumers to get out of it. And the only way to do this is to remember that, beyond all the tools and techniques, the best marketing is that which people genuinely enjoy.

Meet The Team


This is Dave, he is the Creative Director here at Dashing Duck Marketing. He started our predecessor, Dashing Bear Productions, in 2018 and has gone on to create countless videos for clients across the three years. A huge part of Dave’s inspiration to start creating videos stems from his love of creativity and storytelling. He started out his career as a runner on Saturday Kitchen and went on to work with companies such as BT Sport, John Lewis and Specsavers. His background is in the media industry specialising in producing and editing content for broadcast, social media and internal corporate films. He considers his proudest moment to be working on the London Paralympics. 

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This is Lexy, she is our Social Media Marketing Specialist. Having graduated from Swansea University within the last year she initially planned to go into Journalism or Publishing. With a deep rooted love of reading books and writing stories from a young age she was drawn to the creative side of the production process and decided to approach the creative element of storytelling from a different angle. One of the main things which drew her to Dashing Duck was the storytelling element, be that within video or marketing. Her passion for storytelling stems from tales her Grandmother used to tell her about her journey from the remote island of St Helena to England at the age of 16.


This is Tom, he is our Junior Copywriter. After studying at Cardiff University he went on to do his Masters at the University of Edinburgh. His initial plans to pursue a career in academia didn't feel well suited for his creative flair and he found himself drawn to the film advertising and marketing industry, which made sense given his love of film and cinema. Additionally, he felt he could apply his skills developed throughout University to create content that he is passionate about. One of the key elements that attracted him to work in advertising and marketing was the dynamic nature of the business and its ability to lend itself to creativity and continual learning. Interestingly, Tom spent seven months living in Goa as a child and says that throughout his time there he learned a lot and gained some amazing experiences.

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This is Josh, he is one of our Junior Animators and Graphic Designers. He began studying graphic design at Gloucester College and continued his education at Hereford College of Arts studying Graphic  Media and Design. His main inspiration for going into graphic design stems from his love of music and more specifically his appreciation for album covers, record sleeves and clothing graphics. Some of the most influential album covers he attributes to his passion for design include Anderson Paak Malibu, Phoney Ppl Why iii love the moon and Tame Impala Modern Classic. We’re lucky to have Josh on our team, not only is he a great animator and graphic designer but having been hit by cars twice in his life we know he's a robust team member who can handle whatever life throws at him. 


This is Shannon, she is our Production Coordinator. Through her time studying Animation at the Plymouth College of Art, she's become the ins and outs of the production process. She has experience managing her own animated films as well as a team of animators to create a projection for the 2019 Illuminate Festival. Her interests and experiences, however, go far beyond animation and production: she volunteered in Romania in 2017 and studied in Korea during the summer of 2018, where she learned Korean and dance. Shannon also has a unique array of qualifications from The Open University, such as a level 2 award in Parenting and a qualification in Egyptian Mathematics. So, as you can probably tell, she’s interested in basically everything.

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This is Dan, he is one of our Junior Editors. Having been based in the South of England he went to University at the Met Film School to study Practical Filmmaking which led to him working on student films such “Bittersweet” directed by Max Mir which did well on the festival circuit. As well as this he spent some time interviewing on Comedy Cuts which was shown in LA and screened at Pinewood and Raileigh Studios. A lot of his inspiration comes from his love for the Peter Sellers Inspector Clouseau, Pink Panther movies. When asked about a weird or interesting fact Dan told us that as a child he had killer tonsils. We won't say any more, as visual storytellers we like to leave some things to your imagination.


This is Lucy, she’s our Marketing and Production Assistant. After studying Music Business at Guildford and realising it just wasn’t her thing, she chose to study Journalism at the University of Gloucestershire with the aim of going into Radio or PR. Lucy enjoys finding new ways in the ever-evolving creative media landscape to tell stories and engage people, such as through Instagram or podcasts, and has developed these consistently in social media at fashion weeks and at music festivals. This isn’t all, though: Lucy is a former county athlete, and drinks so much coffee that every Starbucks from here to Inverness likely knows her by name.

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This is Benjamin, he's one of our Junior Editors and, like the rest of our team, his background is creative through and through. Holding a grade 7 clarinet, Benjamin originally planned on putting his musical talent into scoring films -- but his passion changed when he was introduced to video editing by a teacher in the film industry. He went on to get a degree in Film and TV from Southampton Solent University. Benjamin tends to be something of a perfectionist, but he channels this habit into crafting delicious cocktails both for himself and for others after years of working behind a bar. When he's not editing powerful films or redefining how we drink, Benjamin also loves to travel, having explored Italy, Japan, Texas, Budapest, and a host of other European destinations; a list he's keen to continue growing.


This is Callum, he’s our Business Development Assistant & Graphic Designer. After realising that Games Design wasn’t fulfilling his creative interests, he found his real passion while studying Graphic Design at Gloucester College. He then went on to study Graphic Design at Falmouth University, where he learned to animate, work with augmented reality, create apps and design websites. There’s a lot more to Callum than just his education, though: while falling in love with Cornwall during his studies, he discovered a fondness for long-boarding and paddle-boarding. He would spend his evenings after university sailing the streets, bays and harbours around Falmouth, terrifying the locals.