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There’s a reason why the biggest and most successful companies in the world, from Coca-Cola to McDonald’s, still use billboards everywhere -- and it’s not because they’re overly traditional or afraid of the internet. They use them because they’re a tried and true way of reaching people in a way that makes them connect with your brand.


This is because people notice billboards when they’re driving, on the train, or walking through town -- those moments when they’re not glued to their phone and when one powerful image will grab them and stay with them.

The process of creating a billboard, from start to finish, needs to be taken with much more care compared to, say, digital marketing. Because you’re likely working with one image that you won’t be able to change once it's put up, conceptualisation and design needs to focus on hitting every beat when it comes to messaging, colour, and the overall allure of the image. Billboards are sometimes a little risky, but when they work, they work well.


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Digital out of home advertising, usually through screens, is a versatile and environmentally friendly way to get the attention of viewers; especially compared to traditional forms of advertising. Through these screens, businesses of all kinds can remotely or locally play videos and display motion graphics that advertise their products and services. 


Digital out of home advertising, then, has some big advantages over billboards: you have more creative freedom when it comes to design, you can control and change precisely where your designs are, and you can update your existing designs or add new ones without interrupting the flow of the marketing process. These screens are perfect for all kinds of businesses, from local chip shops to engineering firms, because of their total versatility.


Through our strong working relationship with MRG systems, a company behind the software and hardware that makes these screens possible and affordable, and our in house graphic designers, we offer an full service where all aspects of digital out of home are provided, so you can rest easy knowing that your marketing is being handled by the professionals.

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