The biggest advantage of paying for your own photography is that it frees you from stock imagery. This enables you to perfectly control your branding as you are able to properly integrate your photography with your graphic design and social media.


This unity between all your marketing will, straight away, elevate its quality and the cohesion of all your branding. It's sad to say, but it's fairly obvious when a businesses social media is dependent on stock images, and it makes their brand look cheaper and less trustworthy than it would if they were to procure the images themselves and ensure that they are all relevant, effective, and reflective of what you offer and who you are.



An example of how photography can be used to improve your marketing is through product promotional photography.


Professionally done, these will highlight what you offer in the best possible light and, posted across your website, they will do a great deal to emphasise the quality of your product and put some visual backing to your confidence in it.


Regardless of how they felt before, a simple but powerful photograph can push customers to purchase.

Product Photography.gif
Corporate Headshots.gif


Another photography service that works is corporate headshots -- which showcase the team behind your business.


These are perfect if you want to display the human side of your company without compromising professionalism. 


These can be used on your website, perhaps through a meet the team page, but they can also be used through social media, printed material, and any other place you would like to use them.



Finally, event photography is another service that can do a great deal to grow your reach. Capturing your presence at internal business events, networking events, trade shows, or any other event, they’re a great way to showcase your connections and show off your presence beyond the normal day-to-day work that your company does.

Event photography naturally folds into award photography, where you can highlight the accomplishments of your business within the particular industry that you excel in.


Both these help customers, again, see the human side of your business as well as showcasing your professionalism.

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