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Portabar is a clever company experienced at crafting portable bars that, if packed correctly, can fit in just one case. As you can imagine, this incredible idea has mass appeal across a wide array of events, and all it needed was some good marketing.

Portabar came to us wanting a video that clearly explained the strength and dependability of their product. As a creative agency, we jumped at the chance to work with them, and the idea we eventually landed on was a product promotional film with a narrative punch provided by interviews the barmen who know the advantages of Portabar better than anyone else.


Backed up by short, snappy social media content, the resulting video was an incredible demonstration of what Portabar can do; its style fitting perfectly with the freshness of the company and properly satisfying their desire to get their message out with resonance and style.

Their Words

"We are absolutely delighted with our video and social media clips. Dashing Duck have been fantastic throughout the project - organising content, the filming and producing the material; nothing has been too much trouble and the whole experience has been wonderful."

Caroline Craven


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