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5 reasons why businesses use a graphic designer

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Occasionally, we see businesses without design experience attempt their own graphic design, believing that they will save time and money. However, we have seen it many times when they come to us later on in the process after having found the process harder than they expected, and even sometimes met with disaster, when it is printed and are not up to the desired result, due to design errors.

These businesses learn the hard way that good graphic design is more than just ink on paper. Here are five additional reasons you should be using a graphic designer for your marketing.

1. Graphic Designers Save You Time (And Money)

Graphic designers have an exceptional knowledge of design software like and standards. They also understand print guidelines for leaflet and brochure design such as print bleed. Graphic designers can turrn around your project far quicker than if your company tried to learn graphic design on its own, freeing you up time to run your business, and graphic designers, will help you avoid the risk of expensive printing mistakes.

2. Graphic Designers Know the Industry

The design industry is constantly evolving. As new technologies develop the range of printing options available expands, impacting everything from ink to finishing choices. A graphic designer can walk you through the options before you commit. Not only that, but because they know the industry, they know what logo and brand design will work for your industry. So whether you are a new brand, or a more established company, a good graphic designer will give your business the best chance.

3. Graphic Designers Keep You Up-To-Date

Have you ever received a business card, a leaflet of a brochure and wondered, why is it so out of date? That is definitely not a feeling you want your customers to have about you. Design trends are constantly changing and customers do understand what’s good and what’s not. As well as monitoring trends, a good graphic designer will be careful to ensure that the appearance of your marketing suits your business. They will help you to have a consistent brand image across multiple platforms.

4. Graphic Designers Help Build Your Brand

Using a graphic designer will keep your brand on-message. Graphic designers understand logos, fonts, and imaging. They understand how to build a set of brand guidelines, which should act as your bible. They understand how colours can complement each other or even work against each other.

5. Graphic Designers will take the time to understand your vision

A good graphic designer worth their weight, will work with you to build your brand. They will take feedback with confidence, to ensure that the graphic design, and branding that they create for you, hits the mark. They will make sure it is conveyed throughout all of your marketing from leaflet and brochure design, to the look and feel of your website.

If you are looking for amazing graphic design, then get in touch, as we know our way around a graphics tablet.

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