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The Best Five Food Marketing Campaigns

It's not news that as a nation we love good food and within the UK we have a myriad of options available to us, but who we pick to eat from and why is all down to the creatives behind the scenes. So keep reading to find out which are our favourite and most successful food marketing campaigns, which have us humming along to the advert music and who has fallen off the face of the fast food world.

Just Eat - Snoop Dogg

Coming in at the top spot is the now iconic “Did Somebody Say - Just Eat” featuring none other than Snoop Dogg. Not only was this one of the most memorable adverts we saw in 2020 (and we should hope so, with Just Eat shelling out a reported £5.3 million to Snoop for the ad), but it came during one of the hardest years we have seen in a long while. While take-out giants like Just Eat, Deliveroo and Uber Eats no doubt thrived during the “stay home to save lives” era it was a pretty depressing period for many and this advert brought a lot of joy and feel-good energy to peoples screens. Not only did the campaign see Just Eat jump to the 17th most famous digital service but their ad awareness score increased by almost 8 points. If that tech jargon is too much for you then just know that Just Eat re-boosted the campaign in December 2021 when Snoop re-released a christmas version of the song, so we can say with some certainty that the campaign was a success.

KFC - You're Chicken Could Never

It was the end of an era, the end of a slogan which had transcended the decades, the end of “It’s Finger Lickin’ Good”. It was a sad day but the start of a new dawn for chicken lovers. With the pandemic came many regulations and changes to our lifestyles but I don’t think anyone saw the end of this classic catch phrase with CMO Jack Hinchliffe admitting that it was “the most inappropriate brand slogan of the moment”. While we were sad to see the end, “Your Chicken Could Never” the comeback slogan was a massive hit with fans and did a great job of showing how far the chicken lovers would go for some of their favourite fried goodness. Some favourite moments include tattoos of Colonel Sanders, Kentucky fr §ied Proposals and a drive-thru taxi ride. We know this one was a success just from seeing the outpouring of love but to top it all off the brand was awarded Marketing Week Masters 2021 Brand of the Year award, as well as awards for Brand Innovation, PR and Brand Storytelling.

Greggs - Veganuary Steak Bake

If you haven’t done Veganuary, you know someone who has. Every January around 2 million people (UK) say goodbye to the christmas turkey, cheese board and quality street tin and embark on their quest for smaller waistlines and a more sustainable lifestyle. Over the years as this month-long mission has gained momentum and fast-food establishments, restaurants and the like have had to start providing plant-based alternatives to keep up with the rising demand for vegan options. Greggs came up with a new campaign styled off the “drop culture” of the fashion industry - with the use of “Greggs x Vegan”, “Exclusively designed for Greggs” and the product being served in shoebox style packaging to drum up excitement. The campaign was a huge success with people queuing up outside the flagship store (which had been specially decorated with the new branding) for the first taste. “Greggs” and “vegan” received over 50K references and engagement of over 1.2 million. Who knew vegan could taste so good?

2. Weetabix - Beanz on Bix

Now before we lose you with an eye roll and a “what has the world come to”, hear me out. In 2021 Weetabix decided they wanted to mix it up and who can blame them. The brand was keen to drive engagement and demonstrate the versatility of Weetabix and boy did they achieve this. They have long been running the “any-which-way-a-Bix” campaign on social media and it was time to put this into practice. They discovered that “Weetabix n tings” was trending on social media causing a lot of discussion. It seemed that the weirder the better and Weetabix decided to focus on this concept. After some careful consideration between Marmite and Innocent Smoothie they settled on beans, yes everyone's favourite Heinz beans. So there we have Beanz on Bix. Engagement they wanted? That’s what they got. The internet's reaction to the beanie weetabix tweet was everything the brand could have hoped for with everyone chipping in to give their opinion. The tweet was discussed on Good Morning Britain, This Morning and referenced in the House of Commons. Weetabix saw it’s spontaneous brand awareness up by 40% compared to the year before plus an increase of sales by 15% on valentines weekend. If that’s not enough they also won the 2021 Marketing Week Masters Award for Best Use of Small Budget.

3. Leon: Feed NHS

One of the most touching and rewarding of all the campaigns we have looked at is the Leon Feed the NHS campaign. They were a brand who responded very quickly to the crisis and this worked to emphasise the brand's values. At the start of the pandemic the founder John Vincent partnered with Damien Lewis, Matt Lucas and Helen McCrory to raise money in order to feed the NHS hot and healthy meals everyday. The non-profit campaign supported not only essential health workers but also kept the restaurant chains and their suppliers busy with work and staffed. The campaign reflected some of the core values of the brand who is known for being socially focused and ethically responsible with particular emphasis on sourcing sustainable ingredients and health conscious foods. This one didn’t have such a viral effect but in terms of success and bettering the community Leon definitely comes top.

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