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How to Get the Best out of Your YouTube Channel

YouTube is the second biggest search engine and the biggest video hosting platform, sharing content across the globe. As a video production company it's a great resource for us to share all of our content, but the key is making sure you are using it in the right way to reach your target audience. Read on for our tips on how to elevate your businesses YouTube channel and create more high quality content to draw in more clients/viewers. (Remember that it takes time to see results so don’t expect to see followers flooding your channel straight away).

The Hollie Gazzard Trust

Recently we worked with The Hollie Gazzard Trust to help them to organise and update their channel . With content created, uploaded and previously run by the volunteers they needed help to elevate the channel and make their content appear more engaging. The charity shares all of their Trust content from fundraising events to Hollie’s story, including “how to” videos detailing how their Hollie Guard app works. The content they were producing was great, but they needed to make their channel more user friendly and engaging for viewers.

The Hollie Gazzard YouTube before we got to work editing it
Before: Without playlists and a cover video.

One of the first areas we worked on was creating thumbnails to provide a more uniform and professional feel across the channel. By creating thumbnails we were able to make the videos more eye-catching and draw potential viewers into the video before they had even pressed play. The thumbnails feature a split screen with the brand colours, the title of the video and the name of the charity so anyone scrolling through the videos can clearly see what the video is about. By creating a uniform feel across the channel you present a professional style which better reflects the brand and the aims of the charity (or business for those looking to elevate their company YouTube).

Including relevant keywords can also increase the SEO of the video and enables it to reach a wider audience. For The Hollie Gazzard Trust we included keywords that reflected the charity and the work they do, for example: “charity”, “Hollie Gazzard Trust”, “Hollie Guard App” and “Gloucestershire”. This enables anyone searching these keywords to be redirected to the channel. We found that including the location that you are based in is beneficial as anyone within your area will be taken to your content i.e.: searching “Gloucestershire Video” would take you to Dashing Bear Productions Youtube as we have included the tags “Gloucestershire” and “Video”.

A screenshot of the Holly Gazzard YouTube page before we got to work on it
Before: Without thumbnails.

Similarly rewording and updating the video descriptions will increase SEO and redirect potential viewers to the correct videos. Additionally by creating a powerful description you can draw viewers in and give them additional details which may not feature in the video. We included links to The Hollie Gazzard Trust website for Trust related videos and The Hollie Guard App for videos that were discussing the App and its features. As well as this we made sure viewers knew where to find the App for different smartphones (Android and Iphone). In cases where videos were advertising upcoming fundraising events it was important to highlight dates and what the event was in aid of for clarity.

One of the most significant changes we made was to create playlists to group the videos with other similar videos. The trick with creating specific playlists is that you are able to pad your channels home page out with video and make it appear saturated with content when in fact one video can be added to multiple playlists. So, even if you are just starting out with YouTube and you have minimal content you can give the illusion of a full channel. For The Hollie Gazzard Trust YouTube channel we started out with four playlists: The Hollie Gazzard Trust playlist features videos from fundraising events the trust has run such as Walk 4 Hollie, The Hollie Guard App playlist includes videos about and/or explaining the App and how it is used, Remembering Hollie is a playlist dedicated to paying tribute to Hollie Gazzard which includes some photo montages and a song written for her, and Hollie Gazzard News Stories is the final playlist which features various news coverages of her funeral. By creating playlists you make your channel more user friendly and enable viewers to navigate the page with ease. When all the relevant videos are grouped together it also leads viewers to watch other videos that might be related to their search.

A screenshot of the re-worked Hollie Gazzard YouTube page
After: we included thumbnails and a cover video.

Including a channel trailer for people who have not yet subscribed can also be a great way to draw in subscribers. An eye-catching video can elevate your channel and make potential viewers want to stick around to see what else you have in store. Additionally you can include a featured video for returning subscribers which, similarly to the playlists, will pad out the main page of your channel and give it that professional edge. We included both of these features for The Hollie Gazzard Trust YouTube update and, as a result, have seen an increase in followers in the last month.

Your social platforms should always link with each other and YouTube is no different. Luckily YouTube provides the option to link up all of your social media platforms and websites so that they will appear in the upper right corner. So, should anyone watching your videos wish to have a wander over to your Instagram or company website then they have access to it all. We also went ahead and created a link to the Hollie Guard App page for those interested in downloading it.

The About Page or description is a vital way to convey to your subscribers who you are, what your YouTube channel is about and what you are using it for. Although at Dashing Bear Productions we would always recommend a video overview explaining who you are and what you are offering, utilising every feature that YouTube has to offer is the best way to get the most out of the platform. Including details about the Hollie Gazzard Trust was essential as it now allows viewers to get to know the charity and understand its efforts.

A screenshot of the post thumbnail edit
After: With the added thumbnails.

Finally, one of the key things to remember, whether you are just starting your YouTube or if you just need a little boost, is interaction. Engaging with your audience is vital for creating a following and elevating your online presence. One of the best ways to do this is to interact with subscribers by replying to comments. Answering questions or just wading into debates is a great way of doing this.

It all seems like a lot of work when you read it like this and that’s why Dashing Bear offers a complete YouTube management package which takes all of these little fiddly jobs out of your hands and gives you back a beautiful, sleek and professional YouTube channel ready for subscribers to come flocking.

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