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The Different Types of Marketing

There are many different ways that we and other marketing agencies can advertise your product, service or brand. Each of them targets differing audiences, industries, platforms, and results, which makes the process of understanding the differences between them, and when you should apply them, a confusing experiences for those businesses who don't have the time to immerse themselves in all the lingo and fine distinctions. That's why we put this blog together, as we thought it's important to ensure that our clients know what they're getting into and, more importantly, which types of services can best help them grow.

Digital Marketing

An image of Digital marketing

Whether you like it or not, most marketing nowadays is done digitally on those spaces where the average consumer spends most of their time: be it through browsing Google, scrolling through Instagram, or networking on LinkedIn. Because it covers such a wide array of platforms, digital marketing includes a ton of different services that can help your business: social media management and content design can give you the consistently memorable brand imaging that attracts customers, website building and design can take this branding and create a more navigable website that increases engagement, and YouTube management can help you refine your video content and increase the traffic your channel receives. These are just a few examples but, to us, showcase why digital marketing is the signature way of reaching people nowadays.

Out of Home Marketing

An image of digital billboards

Yes, I know I just said that most marketing nowadays is done through social media and websites, but there's still a meaningful space for a physical Out of Home Marketing presence every now and again -- especially when there's an irresistible idea behind it. The two most significant kinds of this kind of advertising are billboards and digital billboards. A billboard is simple, traditional, precise and effective. There are thousands upon thousands of billboard spaces all over the country, enabling you to focus on your target demographic, and they're incredibly cost effective compared to their digital counterpart.

Don't let this put you off the latter, though, as digital billboards have two significant edges over traditional one's: creativity and engagement. The digital billboard has completely reinvented what can be done on a billboard, allowing animation, film, and regularly updated content to be incorporated into the space; creating a far more engaging billboard that adapts to its target consumers on a rolling basis. This may all sound like I'm overblowing their allure, but have a look at Time's Square in New York and Piccadilly Lights in London before you make your mind up. It'll blow you away.

Oh, and take a look at our own recently launched billboards as well as the out of home marketing we produced for Puttshack crazy golf.


An image illustrating copywriting

Your current and future customers will form their impression of you based on two distinct but interwoven things: how your business looks and the voice you cultivate alongside it. Both matter just as much as one another but, all to often, businesses ignore the importance of precise language and a consistently engaging tone of voice. This is why marketing agencies like ourselves offer copywriting as a crucial and broad service covering the language and content on: social media posts, websites, emails, newsletters, print documents, internal memo's, press releases, and blogs. In short, everywhere where getting the message right is tricky but essential for your business to succeed.

You may still think that getting a copy-edit isn't worth it but, when combined with strong branding and an engaging visual identity, it's absolutely vital if you want customers to remain engaged and take you seriously. Think about it this way: how do you feel when you go onto a website, read a social media post, or view an email that is poorly structured and badly written? It never looks good, and whatever good will you cultivated beforehand gets spoiled. To get your messaging right and inspire confidence in your customers, it wouldn't harm you to clarify your language and, from that, amplify the reach of your voice.

Brand Design

An image showcasing brands and their designs

Before they even get a chance to read your words, however, the consumer is subjected to your brand image. Whether or not it's engaging or boring is the difference between a customer going further or, regrettably, turning their back on you; and so it's also the difference between being remembered and being forgotten. Good, honest, punchy and memorable branding is the gateway to every other successful marketing tool because, without it, none of the others will work. If people like your brand and associate it with good feelings, they're more likely to engage with the rest of your marketing and, though that, form the sort of connections that promote growth and brand loyalty. Whether its your logo, tone, colours or fonts, revamping your image through an experienced graphic designer can be the perfect way to punch through the competition and start getting results. If you'd like to see how a rebranding worked out in actuality, take a look at our work with Republique.


An image displaying video production

Video is the most powerful means of marketing your brand, product or service. We should know, as we spent years providing our clients with powerful, results-driven films as Dashing Bear Productions. A film combines the strengths of good branding and messaging with a uniquely visual force that, in just a couple of minutes, enhances your marketing presence to extreme degrees. A punchy film will easily last a decade, will make your brand more memorable and professional, and can be housed everywhere from your website to your many social media platforms. It's hard to properly capture just how much you can do with just one client testimonial or case study film -- it's easily the one that will benefit virtually every business and appeal to almost every demographic. Don't believe me? Go check out our projects page before you say so. You'll soon change your mind.

Audio Marketing

A radio representing audio marketing

It may not be the most initially alluring way to market your product, especially because there's no visual punch to it, but audio marketing is the silent (or not so silent) giant of the marketing world. As we say on our services page: how often do you hear construction workers listening to the radio or see people working whilst listening to podcasts? Quite a lot, if I had to guess. When you really think about it, radio and podcasts and more integrated into our lives than any other medium of communication -- meaning that adverts properly placed on either are going to reach millions of people who are already paying close attention to what they're listening to. If you want to maximise reach and directly target your favoured audience, then an audio advert is definitely for you.


An image of a photographer

Like radio, photography is the crucial service that nobody really talks about but everybody really needs. If you want to successfully create a wholly professional and trustworthy feel across all of your marketing, from your bespoke website to branded social media, you're doing yourself a massive disservice if all of your photos look and feel homemade, stale, and boring. Hiring a professional photographer may seem silly until you realise quite how versatile the service is, as the professional can take high quality photographs of: your products, events, and corporate team. A good image is the best way to grow your business and create a lasting positive impression, so don't cheap out on videos. Come to us and get them done right.

Luckily, each service listed in this here blog is provided by the Dashing Duck Marketing team. And if you'd like to learn more, don't hesitate to visit our contact page and give us a call.

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