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The Future of Marketing Lies in Video

Film and social media marketing in Gloucestershire from Dashing Bear Productions 2

The Setup

The COVID-19 Pandemic that swept across the world last year has had irreversible impact on virtually every aspect of our lives; radically altering how we work, how we think and feel, and the very nature of how we interact with one another. Usually, we focus on the many ways in which this has reshaped the future of our personal and social lives. But what is often neglected in this perspective is the transformative effect the virus has had on the way businesses, already suffering from the successive lockdowns, interact with and reach out to potential customers. With markets becoming more and more immersed in the digital space, it has become vital that businesses of all types craft a strong online and social media presence. And, if businesses are going to effectively adapt to this emerging future, they would be wise to understand that video is the most powerful marketing tool that they can use to meet it. In short, the future of marketing lies in video.

Making the move to video, and using it through social media and on websites, has now become an act of necessity. The businesses that shy away from the digital space will find themselves deprived of new customers and further growth because the traditional means of marketing have become more obsolete. Physical marketing tools such as posters, pamphlets, leaflets and signs are carrying more and more limitations as the years go on. Using a well-crafted video across social media allows you to reach people that would have otherwise been off-limits. The message of your brand will no longer be restrained by location and the presence of a high-quality video on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin will immeditiablly arrest the attention of a wider, younger audience. Focusing on video likewise avoids any of the health and sanitation risks that are now associated, and will remain so, with more traditional marketing methods. The reach of and advantages for your business, in short, will be made endless by the use of video through social media.

Some Data

Businesses and marketers are relentlessly adapting to the more rewarding and competitive avenues of video and social media. Of the 86% of businesses that use video, for example, 93% of them say it is important to their overall strategy and 63% say that video engagement is their top metric. This isn't at all a surprise when you see that 87% of those same marketers claim that video produces a positive return on investment and that 78% claim further that it has increased their bottom line. Also, 91% of marketers say that the pandemic has made video more important, 74% of them have said that it has made them more likely to use video, and 96% say that their video production budget will either be maintained or increased going forward. This shift on the side of businesses and marketeers is mirrored in consumer habits: 96% of those whose video consumption habits have been altered by the pandemic say that it has increased considerably.

Film and social media marketing in Gloucestershire from Dashing Bear Productions

Another major advantage of redirecting your attention to video and social media is that it allows you and your business to compete with larger, non-local businesses that would otherwise dominate the conversation. You will not only offer customers a real, quality alternative, but you will also create stronger and more enriching relationships within the local community. You'll come across as forward-thinking and modern rather than a relic of the past, and you'll soon find that the benefits start to snowball and that the investment more than pays for itself. After all, once the video is produced and the social media is set up, sharing and constantly reshaping your message becomes easier and requires far less intervention. The long-term potential for growth through just one video, then, is boundless. You get more bang for your buck.

The reasons for specifically using video over every other medium, whether through social media or independently of it, are clear. As an art form, video arrests the attention of customers more than any other. Well-crafted, high-quality videos have a tendency to be far more memorable than any song or image; mostly because they combine visual and audial art into a cohesive and powerful narrative that stays with, and often persuades, those who are targeted by it. For example, 84% of people who watched product explainer videos were swayed to make a purchase. Video, then, is the perfect tool to both educate and persuade consumers who might otherwise avoid and ignore your product.

Video, in conjunction with precise editing and social media, also allows you to curtail the marketing to your target audience; thus giving you an unprecedented level of control over the trajectory of your growth and the image of your business. Surplus footage from shoots, for example, can always be tweaked and repurposed to reach specific people and start off a focused social media campaign. This sort of dynamism cannot be achieved using traditional marketing tools, such as location-based adverts, as they are limited to only their original design purpose. So, in sense, investing in video will likely lead to you getting more than what you paid for rather than less.


To get a real sense of the transformative power that video can have in expanding the reach of your product, take a look at our videos on here, on YouTube, and on Vimeo. We've worked with a wide array of business and organisations: from local trusts and global charities to accountants and bars. We also have a unique style: focusing on a well-researched approach and the construction of a meaningful narrative. We are always looking for new businesses to produce high-quality videos for, so don't hesitate to get in contact with us. You don't have to have worked with video production companies before to benefit from our knowledge and expertise. All you need is a product or a service. And we, at Dashing Bear, will work with you to cultivate the ideas that have an impact.

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