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Why Video is More Important Than Ever!

Importance of film video in advertising and marketing in Gloucestershire through Dashing Bear Productions

Passion for Video Production

I have always been a massive advocate for video. In fact out of the 33 years I have been on this planet, I have either been studying video or working in the video field for 19 of them years, however now more than ever feels likes the right time for video.

Why use video now?

Video has many benefits for businesses, especially in a Covid and Post covid Era. Video can be a great way of standing out in a crowded environment and allowing you get ahead of other competitors quickly. It can set out your brands tone of voice and give you a strong identity. Video is memorable and allows high levels of engagement, often seeing a high level of return. Though video should be used as part of a wide marketing strategy, as most marketing agencies will say, a constant presence can keep you front of your customers' minds. Video is brilliant at improving SEO, for many reasons, but the most obvious one, is that an engaging video will keep your audience on your website for longer - which results in a big tick from the likes of Google. I find it odd to speak to website designers who work with businesses who have been around forever and are only now getting their first website, as in my opinion the website is the new digital shop front for your business, and video goes hand in hand with that. Not only does it keep people on your website for longer, but it can be a good way of showing the brand, and introducing products and services... and actually the first film most businesses should look to have is a client testimonial film or a clear overview style film.

Use video to get ahead of the game!

With many new brands and companies forming where people are trying something new during furlough or because of redundancies, video in this day and age should be part of your marketing strategy, as high quality video should last the test of time. We are getting approached by more and more start ups who want to use video as part of their marketing plan, which is encouraging to see companies trying to give themselves the best head start with their business.

Importance of film video in advertising and marketing in Gloucestershire through Dashing Bear Productions 2

One of these that we have recently worked with is a new eco fashion brand Republiqe who launched in August, setting up during Covid. They are trying to stop disposable fashion with their new digital fashion range - perfect for the Instagram generation. We produced a series of short social media films to help them raise awareness on their social media channels including a how to use the service video. They have found the results from the social media videos positive and now are looking to have a monthly set of videos, to continuing to grow their brand by raising and maintaining awareness of their offering.

A few examples of the content we produced for Republiqe are on our video portfolio page, and can be seen here.

Use video to stay ahead of the competition.

We are also being approached by companies who want to stay ahead of their new competition and using video as way to ensure bounce back after a difficult few months. In fact we are finding that more and more people are less nervous about being on video and standing in front of a camera, and I can only put that down to the number of zoom meetings people have had. In fact, I find standing in front of camera far easier than talking on Zoom, as body language goes along way in having a conversation. So actually standing in front of a professional camera crew for me is easier. From a Dashing Bear Productions point of view, there is always a small crew, so between us we try and put you at ease, and also the good thing of filmed video is that we can edit any um's and general mistakes out, ultimately we are producing a film for you and our clients and want everyone who appears in the film to look as good as possible, so we always will take our time with filming and if need be do several takes to get it just perfect and will always edit you to look as amazing as possible.

Help move towards Covid Safe with Video

Another way our customers are using video, is to keep their clients Covid safe. For example we worked on an animated video last month, which explains a complex piece of software. The video was produced by the company as they felt it was safer to show the video to customers than have face to face meetings - and they also found actually instead of showing the same things over and over every month to a group of people, they actually can be more productive with this time as instead of several hours of a member of staff training people, they can send out the video and will be producing more as part of a series of training videos increasing staff productivity.

Importance of film video in advertising and marketing in Gloucestershire through Dashing Bear Productions 3

We also have found that clients are using video more and more for presentations in a B2B setting, the perfect example of this is we just worked with a Cotswold Canal Trust and Stroud District Council to produce a film as part of a presentation to the National Lottery. The National Lottery, were meant to come and visit the Canal, as part of the Trust's application for funding to restore the canal, unfortunately because of Covid they could no longer attend the canal - so the Trust employed our video production services to film the canal, and various interviews of people they want the National Lottery board to meet, to show how loved the canal already is, and how vitally important the restoration would be. The Cotswold Canal Trust not only had a brilliant internal video for the meeting, they now have enough content that can be repurposed for other edits and social media content - they also can use the same video across other funding application meetings, meaning that all the contributors don't need to give up their time again.

Importance of film video in advertising and marketing in Gloucestershire through Dashing Bear Productions 4

Lets talk about the C word, no not Covid - CHRISTMAS

We often have a lot of requests for end of year films and Christmas films, as companies find they can present information in a more interesting way in a film, and video can be a great tool at looking back over the year - and what a year to reflect on. We can help with internal and external facing videos, so get in touch if there is a project you would like to disc.

Everyone can use video

We want more people exploring video as a marketing tool, and soon we will be launching a new training course for those who can't afford a professional film but want to explore the benefits of mobile video more. Keep your eyes peeled, but it's likely to be a 3 part course covering pre-production, production and post-production using a mobile.

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