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Why You Should Use Video as Your Main Marketing Tool

As we slowly move towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious society, undoubtedly the focus falls on larger corporations and businesses to step up and make the changes needed to secure a greener future. Whilst we all acknowledge the fact that responsibility lies with everyone to live a more sustainable life, small businesses and companies who are looking to establish themselves as eco-friendly brands can make small steps to increase their sustainability. One of the key movements companies can make on their quest for an environmentally conscious brand is to make the move to paperless marketing. Using video as a marketing tool can drastically decrease the amount of waste you are creating as a business. Consider it like this…

A picture that emphasises our green focus
Choose video as your marketing tool and push your business to be more sustainable and eco friendly

In a world without video marketing your company creates flyers, leaflets or catalogues to spread the word about what you are offering customers or the services you provide. Once you have created your marketing document of choice you send it off to the printers. The document is created and replicated in order to be distributed across the surrounding areas in the hope that it will bring in customers. Cars and vans are sent to distribute your flyers using valuable fossil fuels and energy. Your document is placed in the local pubs, restaurants, coffee shops and pinned to notice boards throughout the next few weeks. As a result of the flyer being placed in areas where the general public socialise and focus more on one another, you don’t receive as much business as you expected. Over time your document is used as a beer mat, to mop up spilt coffee and thrown in the general waste bin. The flyer ends its life in the landfill, it hasn't been an effective marketing tool and you have contributed to the ever growing issue we face with landfill sites.

A photo of the waste we a prone to produce when we aren't environmentally conscious
Producing printed marketing isn't environmentally friendly and contributes to global waste

The alternate reality involves video marketing. Your company is aware of the issues our world is facing with the environment and wants to be a part of the move towards sustainable business strategies. Your team knows who they want to appeal to and who their target market is. With the help of a great video production team (Dashing Bear of course) they work together to create an eye-catching piece of advertising that showcases their skills or services. The video is posted to their website and social media platforms with the most appropriate hashtags, targeting their key audience; bringing in more potential customers who are intrigued at their use of video marketing and understanding of the most up to date methods of promoting their brand. Not only have you created an amazing piece of advertising for your business but you’ve created something which is going to last in excess of ten years, meaning you won't have to spend additional money reprinting and redistributing leaflets and flyers.

A simple picture showing a shoot taking place
Using video is the most sustainable way of generating marketing content

Undoubtedly using video as a marketing tool is going to help prevent some of the excess paper waste we are creating every day as a society. It’s a small step in terms of how far we have to go but it's becoming increasingly clear that every move we make to live a more sustainable life, be that our personal or professional life, is a move in the right direction. So, next time you are considering which path to go down when you’re debating marketing strategies, consider video and maybe even consider Dashing Bear Productions.


If you're still not convinced, check out this sweet little animation we made to give these insights a visual punch:

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