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Going that Extra Mile

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Here at Dashing Duck, we always try and help our clients as much as possible, so naturally when one client came to us panicked at 3.30pm, saying they had an important last minute meeting the following day with their own client and they needed a creative way to present the marketing results they had delivered in the last 3 months, we knew we had to try and help with a super-fast turnaround. With no time to film anything and with limited assets, we suggested an infographic animation that could utilise the assets they had whilst getting the key marketing stats across. We very quickly drafted a 2.5 minute script, then we started crafting and animating. Within an hour we had shared with our client a sample animation for them to sign off. At 5pm when most people are finishing for the day, we were just starting on the animation. Throughout the evening we fired over the various scenes to the client to help with sign-off and so we could carry on working, making amends as they came back. By 2.30am we delivered the film to a by-then sleeping client, who signed it off just in time for their meeting!

The Video

Here is the video with the brand changed to our branding, and the stats changed to fake stats, as an example of how animation can be used for internal comms. Going that extra mile here really helped.

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