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How to Pick Your Animation Agency

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

One of the biggest benefits of the digital revolution is that animation has become far more accessible. More young people are now free to study it, more agencies are providing it, and more companies are seeing ways of using it to spread their messaging. There is one small problem with all these talented options, though: which agency do you choose? Below are three steps you should take to make sure that you pick the right animation agency.

1. Look at the Work

Before anything else, you should go straight to the agency's portfolio of animated work. If they don't have one, this is your first red flag. All good agencies are interested in proving that they can be trusted to deliver a project and, naturally, prior work is the best way to do that. Most agencies are decent to show their work, however, and this is where you need to have a good look at the variety of output and the consistency of quality. If they look like they can work to your brief, and if there are examples of similar ideas in their past, then you might just have the creative collaborator you're looking for.

2. Look at the Clients

In a similar vein to the first point, it's also important to explore the type of clients the agency has worked with in the past. If you're a small business, for example, does the agency make a habit of working with companies of your size?

If not, they might not be willing to work with you in the collaborative spirit you're looking for. There's also the possibility that, although the work is good, the agency only works with clients from specific industries. Even if they're open to working with you, a creative team that has only ever produced medical animations might be a poor choice -- especially when there's always a more versatile agency out there who can better realise your idea.

3. Look at their Personality

Beyond the quality of the content and suitability of the client based on their working history, a small but significant thing to focus on is the personality and attitude of the agency. Every creative team has a different culture, and not all of them are going to lead to good results.

How clear are they about who they are? How much focus do they put on the satisfaction of their clients? Do they emphasise the importance of collaboration and teamwork in creating the best work possible? These are the kind of things you need to concern yourself with because, once the relationship begins, that culture will define how good or bad the collaboration is. At the end of the day, animation requires a lot of honest, innovative communication -- and an agency with a bad attitude can harm your collective ability to create an animation that works.

Luckily for you, we have our own in-house animation team -- so feel free to get in touch. We'd love to hear about any opportunities where we can help you.

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