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The Importance of Green Marketing

Hopefully at this point we all understand the importance of living a sustainable life, but did you know that on top of making sure you are recycling your plastics and taking public transport where you can, using green marketing tools is another way to eliminate your environmental guilt.

An eye-catching drawing emphasising that energy, like every else, can be green if we put the effort in

With the rise of documentaries, such as Seaspiracy, highlighting the impact and devastation of climate change, comes a desire for more sustainable brands and products. This also paves the way for companies to get on board and assign funds to sustainability movements. A good example of this is Waitrose’s “Unpacked” range which aims to reduce the plastic waste which we typically see our groceries displayed in. Although some may argue the cleanliness of plastic wrap, big companies beginning to make the move to plastic free is a great step in the right direction for those campaigning to reduce waste. We recently worked with B-Corp company The Beeswax Wrap Co and spoke to their founder Fran. She is a huge advocate for eliminating plastic from your life and in 2017, after learning about the impact plastics can have on your health, set up the company as a way to help others reduce the amount of plastic they use.

The term green marketing started to gain recognition in the early 90’s as sustainability and the environment began to become a more mainstream issue and as more people started to understand the implications of climate change. With the rise of a climate conscious population came a need for more sustainable methods of buying, selling and promoting businesses. This is where green marketing started to gain traction and according to a study by Unilever 33% of consumers are choosing brands based on their environmental and social impact. So not only could you lose out on potential business by not making sustainability a priority but you are also contributing to a growing issue.

At Dashing Duck we are striving to be a sustainable marketing agency whose priority is creating amazing content that doesn't damage the planet which is why we are trying to steer away from traditional (and unsustainable) print methods of marketing and encourage our clients to join the digital age. Obviously we understand that sometimes digital doesn't fit the brief and so we will be offering a version of print marketing using sustainably sourced materials to remain in keeping with our ethos but still provide for our clients.

An image of a green Earth that encourages us to be globally green

Whilst we at Dashing Duck are focusing on the pure marketing side of Green Marketing the true definition includes every element of the process from product creation down to the packaging and distribution. In order to truly label yourself as using green marketing you need to take a look at every step of your process. It’s no good using recycled paper as part of your marketing technique if further down the production line you're negatively impacting the environment.


One of the biggest issues which businesses looking to go into green marketing may face is the upfront cost of revamping all of the stages to incorporate sustainability, typically going green costs more at the start but will save you money in the long run (much like good marketing). On top of this is the time needed to consider all of the changes which will need to be made. Luckily Dashing Duck can take part of that off your hands. When you begin your marketing journey with us we will not only research your brand and get to understand who you are and who your target audience is but we will also tailor a marketing strategy to suit you, your business and your customers making the entire process as pain free as possible from start to finish. Fundamentally, going green is going to open the door to more clients who are basing where they spend their money on how “green” a business is. As more brands make sustainability a priority, the more we will see an increase in green companies, as the demand for environmentally conscious brand objectives come to the forefront of business savvy minds.

Another image showing that our working habits can be green too

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