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The Six Best Clothing Marketing Campaigns

The fashion market is constantly pushing out new campaigns and collections and designers are fighting their way to get their collection seen by the most people. Marketing these brands requires new and innovative ideas and concepts which think outside the box and engage with the brands target audience. Below we have found six brands which we think have nailed it when it comes to showcasing their brands effectively.

Ted Baker - Keeping up with the Bakers

Ted Baker - Keeping Up with the Bakers

This innovative and inspiring campaign first launched in Spring/Summer 17 and was an 8 part sitcom played out episodially on Instagram. Users were encouraged to come back daily and partake in challenges to win prizes and spread awareness of the collection. The marketing team really went all out with this campaign as not only did they launch the sitcom but they incorporated a 360 degree shoppable film allowing users to browse the Baker’s home and purchase items. One of the reasons that Ted Baker has such a successful marketing method in our opinion is that they are well known enough that they can take on a different narrative for each passing season.

Nike - Better for It

Nike - Better for It

In 2015 Nike focused on female power and women in sports. Their aim was to engage female consumers and highlight the correlation between sports and self esteem. The campaign depicts the inner thoughts of women during sporting activities through light hearted and empowering messaging. Nike has a good track record of stand out campaigns including the 2019 Dream Crazier and Just Do It. Both of these feature female athletes from diverse backgrounds proving that anyone can make it regardless of their gender or race.

H&M - Close the Loop

H&M - Close the Loop

In 2013 H&M rolled out their reuse/ recycle scheme globally, the world's biggest garment collection programme of its kind. Not only does this scheme enable a more sustainable way to dispose of unwanted garments and fabrics but it provides second-hand clothing and textiles to people who might not be able to afford them new. In 2019 H&M in Stockholm started a rental scheme which stemmed from the same idea of reducing unwanted waste. Shoppers could rent items from their Conscious Exclusive collection, getting the look without breaking the bank and the planet. H&M have recycling boxes in stores across the globe for anyone to drop by and donate. In 2020 they collected 18,800 tonnes of unwanted clothing and textiles which is the equivalent of 94 million t-shirts.

DKNY - DKNY State of Mind

DKNY - State of Mind

Inspired by the power of speech, the Autumn 2020 DKNY campaign was both a digital campaign and a clothing drop. They teased the launch with a video posted to their instagram with the #DKNYSTATEOFMIND. They followed this up with various promotional messages printed around New York and London, some even making it onto famous landmarks such as Brooklyn Bridge. They went on to create graphics for social media with the same typography posted across the images, this ensured that people were familiar with the style before they released the hoodies. The campaign used micro-influencers from a variety of backgrounds to spread more awareness. As a result of this, user-generated content started to appear. This is one of the best ways a brand can show their product off as user-generated content is the most authentic of all the marketing strategies and makes the brand appear more relatable.

Nasty Gal - #GirlBoss

Nasty Gal - #GirlBoss

Launched in 2006, Sophia Amoruso’s whole brand has been a marketing campaign in itself. In order to create a platform for her clothes to be sold she capitalised on the success of MySpace by targeting fashion magazines and fashions “it girls” to spread awareness about her brand (then found on ebay). She created content which attracted non-buyers by creating a page which provided styling inspiration for her customers. By establishing herself as an expert within the industry she built her fan base off the back of providing a service and gaining people's trust. Her three tips for starting a business are - do a good job, give customers something to share and keep your promises.

Marc Jacobs - Cast me Marc

Marc Jacobs - Cast Me Marc

In 2015 Marc Jacobs put out an online casting call seeking new faces and talent for their autumn/winter 2015 fashion campaign. Over 70,000 people rose to the challenge and 9 ended up in the David Sims shot ad. The campaign was such a success that they brought it back the next year and the year after that. Instagram based campaigns are a great way of finding new and diverse talent from across the world and giving them a chance which 20 years ago wasn’t an option. Social media has allowed people outside of the mainstream modelling industries to have a shot (and succeed) at breaking into a famously unforgiving industry.

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