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Why Great Video can Fix Your Poor Relationship Habits

video and film fix poor relationship habits in Gloucestershire through Dashing Bear Productions

Flakiness. Mixed messages. A reluctance to share who you really are. 

We’re all familiar with the symptoms of a struggling relationship – and this applies just as much to marketing as it does any area of life. 

The problem is, when you’re knee-deep in deadlines and demands, it can be hard to find the headspace needed to craft powerful media messaging, it can become poor.

Who really has time to write a blog or Facebook post when you’re busy trying to make your business work? (And, you know, maybe even have a life too 😉). 

Luckily there’s great fix: video. 

There are plenty of stats out there that shout to the impact of the digital era’s must-have accessory. Video sparks an 80% jump in landing page conversions and increases email click-through rates by a gargantuan 300%. 

Customers are over 60% more likely to make an online purchase after watching a video, while social video generates 12 times the shares of text and images combined. 

These figures are impressive but they don’t explain why video is so important. What is

it about this medium that makes it stand out from the rest? 

Video is emotional

video and film fix poor relationship habits in Gloucestershire through Dashing Bear Productions 2

Anyone who’s ever sobbed their way through Forrest Gump the 26th time over will know well the gut-punching impact of film. And the good news is, you don’t need the Oscar-worthy skills of Tom Hanks to achieve this effect. You don’t even need sadness.


Any video, its very nature, is emotional. This is a device that has a unique ability to cut through the fluff and hit you fair and square with a curveball of feeling. Euphoria, nostalgia, cackling hysteria: whatever reaction you want to provoke in your customer, video can achieve it. 

There’s a pay-off here. Because of its profound impact, it’s vital that you have good video. A video with a “meh” or negative kickback will cause more damage than having nothing at all. If you’re going to go down the video route, do it well. And try and pinpoint the emotional response you want to bring about in the process. 

Video creates an instant connection

In an age where Instagram rules supreme, we’re bombarded with messaging. We receive more ads in less time and a more invasive way than ever before.

With video, you have the ability to carve out a unique and intimate space in which you can communicate directly with your customer.

Your video does not need to be long to enact this effect. In fact, some of the most powerful brand trailers and campaign ads around are able to conjure up a visceral chemistry in three minutes or less. It’s all in the edit: creating maximum impact with minimal means.  

Video fosters trust

video and film fix poor relationship habits in Gloucestershire through Dashing Bear Productions 3

When you’re running your business hand-to-mouth, it’s easy to feel like you’re only as good as your last campaign or announcement. Every new day brings fresh challenges, and you must churn and churn to respond to them. 

But video isn’t like that. Its appeal runs deep, and it endures. When you have a strong piece of video at your core, you can dust it off to give your business a boost at any moment needed. This is especially true since Dashing Bear will often create social offshoots of the main video to use across your social channels. 

This means you can use your video over and again to secure belief in your brand. It works for your social channels, on your website and in networking or client pitches. There’s nothing flaky or transient about it.

Video can fix your bad relationships

So, we’ve established that video is meaningful. It creates impact and trust. It’s authentic and it’s built to last, providing the antithesis to a throwaway internet culture. 

Sounds like the ideal business partner, right? Video has the power to get through to

people, and fix your customer relationships that may have stumbled or strayed off-course.

There’s a caveat though: like any relationship, you have to invest.  Video doesn’t cost mega bucks but it is more expensive than some content solutions out there, simply because of the production costs and editing time involved.

This means some people baulk at it, or try to cut corners – but they’re wrong to do so. Used in the correct way, video will be the best friend you’ll ever have. It will convert customers far more quickly and effectively than any other medium, and keep them captivated over time. 

Yes, you’ll need to commit – not only to the budget but also time and energy in deciding on your vision and what you want to communicate. But do that and you’ll have tools that becomes habits for life; one that’ll not only keep your current relationships thriving but create new ones, too.

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