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Why Not Marketing is Bad for Business

Marketing is essential if you want to reach potential customers and, from there, grow your business. And the beauty of marketing is that, because there are so many ways to do it, from traditional billboards to social media posts, there is always going to be a marketing medium that is perfect for your brand, messaging, and target audience. Despite this, however, there are businesses everywhere that are doing either very little to market themselves and, even worse, some of them aren’t marketing themselves at all.

To those businesses who put time, attention, and funds behind their marketing efforts, this may seem silly -- but the truth is that the benefits of marketing are not always clear. And, for some businesses, this is enough to discourage them from getting involved in it entirely: despite the fact that their customers and their business would inevitably benefit from a consistent marketing presence.

a motion graphic that shows different ways of marketing

Don’t believe me? The first and most obvious reason to market your business is that your competition almost definitely are. By refusing to battle them for the attention of the customers you share, you are giving your competitors a huge edge over you when it comes to winning customers and, more importantly, keeping them in the long run.

telephones that symbolise the importance of communicating with your customers beyond just selling to them

Another key reason to market your business is that, by doing so, you are participating in the conversation and, through this, controlling the image of your business amongst those who encounter it. By avoiding marketing, then, you’re not just letting your competition sweep up your customers, you’re letting their messaging and their voice dominate the public perception of who you are and who can be depended on in your industry -- even when you might be more reliable and affordable than your competitors. Failing to market also leaves you entirely at the mercy of word of mouth, which is undeniably the most limited and extreme form of getting your message out. Although one positive experience by a customer, spread to their friends and family, might give you a good spell of business, negative whispers might do the exact opposite and give you an undeserved bad reputation.

Instead of living and dying entirely on how well other people indirectly spread your image, it's best to put your money where your mouth is and steer the conversation in the direction you want it to go in. That way, at least you know that, whatever happens, you’ve had a say in how your brand is received and that you have control over how it will be received going forward. This taps into another big reason to market your business: growth. If you don’t market your business, you’re going to find yourself with either slow or stagnating growth because you’re not reaching out beyond the pool of people who already know who you are. Word of mouth may do a little bit but, for the reasons stated above, you cannot depend on it for consistent growth. If you want to be constantly pushing the boundaries and expanding your vision, then you need to put some thought and funds into your messaging. Otherwise, you’re likely to never grow out of the pond you started in.

Another much subtler but key benefit of marketing, and one that is often overlooked, is that it enables you to consistently keep in touch with your customers beyond simply selling them a product or service. This not only ensures that you remain on their minds, but has the added benefit of making them feel like you’re invested in their customer experience and care more than just their value as a customer. Good marketing leads customers to associate you with good feelings, thoughts and experiences; which in turn keeps you in good faith with them. This doesn’t lead to profit spikes right away, but having a strong, likeable presence on social media, through your website, and in your community means that, when customers come around to needing your product or wanting your service, whether you’re a plumber or a printer, you’re going to be considered right off the bat. This may not seem perfect, but it’s a hell of a lot better than being forgotten.

A happy customer engaging with your marketing presence

Now that I’ve gone through why you should be marketing, and why not marketing is bad for business, here are a few examples of the marketing we can do for you. If you want to engage with younger audiences and show off your brand, then having us revamp your social media and brand design, with new graphics and a new tone, will help you reach out and connect with them; especially through platforms such as instagram. If you want to reach people everywhere, free from visual limitations, then having us produce for you a punchy radio advert can have you dominating the airwaves and getting stuck in people’s heads. And, finally, if you’re sick of your current digital presence, then we can work with you to rebuild your website and redesign it from the ground up -- refreshing your brand and revitalising your ability to draw people in. Beyond these examples, however, remember that, if you care about growing your business, you have no choice but to start marketing. And, while you’re already here, why not start your advertising journey with us?

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