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Working with Cath Kidston & Beeswax Wraps

Cath Kidston-styled bags crafted by Beeswax Wraps

Some Background

For the few among you who've never heard of them, Cath Kidston are a British home furnishing company specialising in handcrafted, vintage styled items that carry an unmistakably British character. The business has humble beginnings: Cath Kidston herself launched the company as a single shop in 1994, a time when vintage design wasn't exactly fashionable and, as she has mentioned many times, particularly profitable. Keeping herself afloat through her interior design business, she stuck to her guns and steadily defined her image. It didn't take long for people everywhere to recognise the value of her unique designs -- and her originality has helped the business explode into an international lifestyle brand with a history of high-profile collaborations. As far a turn of the century success stories go, Cath Kidston is up there as one of Britain's best.

Where We Come In

In view of everything described above, you can imagine how excited we were when Cath Kidston approached us to create a product promotional film showcasing one of their innovative partners: the Beeswax Wrap Company. Based in Stroud, the green-minded business crafts waxed fabrics that can be used instead of tinfoil and clingfilm to safely package food; and Cath Kidston had joined up with them to create their own line of vintage-style fabrics. Like them, the company appealed to us because, through their eye-catching designs, they showed that it's possible to provide packaging that is environmentally friendly, better at preserving food, and a huge visual improvement on less sustainable alternatives. We couldn't wait to iron out the details and get started on the film.

Beeswax Wrap Co's Sustainability Certificates

The film

The brief we decided on together was part and parcel of a powerful product promotional video. Filming at the Beeswax Wrap Co.'s warehouse in Stroud, the idea was that we would sit down with Fran Beer, the Founder of Beeswax Wrap Co., to capture 45 minutes of interview led conversation that, when edited in post-production, would come together as an organically told testimonial story. In our experience, letting passionate and innovative businesses leaders talk freely through precise questioning leads to more authentic answers, which helps the audience connect with the story being told. Letting Fran talk honestly about the positive environmental impact of her product, and why partnering with Cath Kidston was so important, acted as a powerful means of connecting audiences to the moral cause behind the product in a positive and engaging way.

Other than filming the interview with Fran, the day also included capturing sweeping shots of the warehouse, the making of the wraps, the folding of the wraps, and cutting the fabrics behind a new batch. These shots were folded into the final film to support Fran's story and to make the film more immersive as the details were unravelled. Adding these shots to the interview also helped us create short edits of the overall film, which were then repurposed into social media films that both Cath Kidston and Beeswax Wrap Co. could use to further promote their partnership and the products they're crafting together. Utilised across multiple platforms, these edits make the film an even more versatile investment when it comes to effectively expanding the reach of both Cath Kidston and the Besswax Wrap Company.

Fran at Beeswax Wrap packaging strawberries

The Impact

The impact of this film, and its accompanying social media edits, is solid proof that a product promotional film, centred on an enjoyable story, is an important investment for any business looking to expand the reach of their marketing content and better fulfil their marketing objectives. Cath Kidston have already shared the video on their social media and through their newsletter -- with the reaction so far being universally positive. The film has managed to give the visual allure of the brand that extra punch that might spread its appeal to people who were previously uninterested, and the emphasis on collaboration with innovative businesses like Beeswax Wraps will help spread the word to other companies ready to collaborate with Cath Kidston.

What this shows is that, more than other marketing tools, video is an investment that tends to pay for itself over and over again. For businesses with the prestige and reach of Cath Kidston, a marketing film is powerful because it allows them to tell the story they've been telling, the story of what they do and why, in a better way than any blog, tweet or press release ever could. The film's warmth and strong messaging ensures that, like any good video, it will effectively appeal to audiences for years to come -- giving both partners a bigger bang for their buck.

Cath Kidston-branded fabrics crafted by Beeswax Wraps

The Future

We're happy to say that this film is only the beginning of our working relationship with Cath Kidston, and we look forward to the collaborations we'll be undertaking with them as we go into the new year. To learn more about product promotional films, head over to our video marketing page -- and if you'd like to learn more about specific projects where video played a big role, take a look at what we did with The Cotswold Canal Trust and Tovi Sorga.

Thanks for reading!

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