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Dashing Duck Marketing - Product Promo - South West

South West, Fashion Brand Tovi Sorga looked to us as their creative agency to help them create a bigger brand presence and cut through the noise across social media platforms. The innovative company are designers of digital leather accessories with inbuilt technology to pay for products and services, and we knew from the get-go that we needed to do something different to stay front of mind with their current customers and reach out to new ones.

We created a series of videos to be used as part of their social media content platforms to highlight their product range. These films showed how the product works in a way that complimented the already strong visual content on the channels. Video is often recognised as a more memorable form of marketing, and can lead to an increase in people opting to make a purchasing decision through its eye-catching, fast-moving nature. Taking advantage of this, we supported the videos with relevant motion graphics.

The goal of the videos was to highlight both the ease and innovation of the products, and in this regard the videos were a huge success. It was incredibly rewarding working with a company that always pushed the envelope in both the design and functionality of their products, and we're incredibly proud of all the content that came from this collaboration.

Their Words

"Fantastic team to work with - extremely professional and proactive with a wide range of skills.

They really understood what our brand is about and found fresh ways to convey that on screen.

We couldn't be happier with the results, or more ready to recommend them."

Agnes Davies

Tovi Sorga

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