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Queen Elizabeth School Barnet wanted a video to showcase their five-year plan to current parents and students and prospective parents and students. They wanted to create excitement for their five year plan and create excitement for their future endeavours. They approached us as a creative agency to help them get their key messages across.

As they had key points to highlight to convey the plan, we opted to include an autocue which ensured that the children were put at ease before they went on camera. Additionally, filming with the children and not just the Headmaster conveyed the message that the children are the heart and focus of the plan and are involved in its creation and development. 

The school loved the video and its effectiveness in capturing the core values and messaging that they wanted to impart onto the audience. Beyond this, we are incredibly proud of the final film and the positive impact its had -- and we're incredibly excited at the prospect of making more videos with them in the future.


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