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Marketing Strategy

Having a detailed, insight-driven strategy behind the development and release of all your content is the best way to ensure that your messaging gets out there as much as it can.


Our Creative Director, will meet with you and build a dependable, reactive strategy to the marketing content you want to release. Defined by your overall objectives, this plan will give shape and consistency to everything you send out. 


Video Production

Dashing Duck Marketing is proud to say that we have an in-house video production team. This means that we can work with you to produce powerful visual stories, be it in live action or animation, that capture the core messaging of your brand or business.


Video is without a doubt one of the most powerful marketing tool at your disposal. Trends everywhere point to it as the best long-term investment a business can make due to its versatility, impact, and shelf-life.


We also can help get your brand seen by working with you to produce a TV advert for your brand and work with media agencies such as Sky AdSmart to ensure maximum return on investment for your media spend.

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Graphic Design & Branding

Branding is so key for a business and it is so much more than logo design, and getting it right from day one is hugely important. We also know that over time branding needs to evolve. We work with new and existing businesses to get their branding, style and tone of voice right. 


Our team of graphic designers not only can help you with your branding, but all of your graphic design needs, from leaflet and brochure design to billboard design, as well as design of adverts for newpapers and magazines, and our media specialists can help you place these adverts in the right media to be seen by your target audience.



Good copywriting and interesting blogs, is a powerful way to engage people with your brand and acts as a hook to keep your audience interested in your story.


Our copywriters will help you refine your message and get people interested. This is essential because, although words can be extremely effective, they can also taint your entire marketing strategy. Through carefully crafted copy-editing of your social media, website, newsletters, and emails, as well as through thoroughly researched blogs, we can make sure that your words are selling your brand instead of damaging it.

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Digital Marketing is the heart and soul of Dashing Duck. As a creative advertising and marketing agency, we help businesses break through all the noise and connect with the people who might benefit from and enjoy their brand, product, or service.


We do this by using all the technical tools available, such as SEO, content marketing, campaign marketing, social media, youtube management, website building and design, to emphasise the authenticity of the client and help them connect with their customers.


Out Of
Home Marketing

Whether through a traditional billboard or a digital out of home screen, you can never go wrong with eye-catching imagery -- and we know exactly how to make them work.


An out of home advert placed at the right location can make your business memorable to anyone who sees it. Getting in people’s heads may not be instantly profitable, but it's a powerful way to ensure that you’re the first company that springs to mind when they need or want what you offer.

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Audio Marketing

Through radio and podcasts, there are ways to reach consumers with nothing except the power of words and sound. These adverts can be just as effective as any visual marketing -- and their versatility means they can be shared almost everywhere.

Although the two mediums are slightly different, with radio being snappy and quick and podcasts being slower and more long form, the principles of crafting a good radio advert are just the same; cut out the fluff and communicate what matters. If you’re looking for a punchy way to grab the attention of potential consumers, then audio marketing is the way to go.



Like billboards, photography is a traditional service that is still going strong. It’s a powerful way to capture the best of your brand, service, or product, and it's one of the most versatile forms of marketing when it comes to accessibility and placement.


It also folds well into other mediums, such as billboards, digital out of home, and social media. Rather than ask you to spend the time and effort to provide quality pictures on your end, we believe that passing that task to us will make all your marketing more uniform, on-brand, and cohesive.


Think about it this way: if you’re working with us to sell your image, you may as well let us craft it, too.


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