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SGS came to us to create a school promotional film that would increase admissions at their Filton Campus -- the heart of their A-Level education offering. Instead offering the same old "you come here, we do this" approach that has been made so many times before, we decided that a bolder approach was needed -- especially with a demographic spoiled for creative content.


We crafted a film that, through a tightly written script and punchy editing, emphasised to potential pupils and parents that SGS is about one thing and one thing only -- unlocking the futures of the young people who come through the school. This, fundamentally, is the messaging that all good schools focus on -- and its the message that SGS wanted at the heart of their film.


The final film showcases all the amazing opportunities that SGS affords to their pupils. And, thankfully, it cuts through all the fluff and gets to the heart of why education is so vitally important for the future of each and every student. We cannot put into words how proud we are of the style that defines the film and the universally relatable message in its substance.


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