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One of the biggest services we offer is video. In fact, we like to think it's one of the main things we are known for, considering before 2022 we were solely a  video production and animation company known and known as Dashing Bear Productions. We see ourselves as more than just videographers, but film makers as we pride ourselves on telling stories, partly because we know that the story inspires the creative, but it also produces results. Time after time, our videos have produced results for our clients and notable results include:

- helping to secure £9 million national lottery for a charity
- raising thousands, and increasing awareness for other charities
- getting a high profile celebrity to be a brand ambassador
- explaining services to new customers increasing sign up
- driving brand recognition and improving customer experience
- launching new products and services

So with that in mind, here is our latest video and animation showreel featuring some of our favourite projects, stories, and also the majority of our clients, but with so many others that we could have also included.

We know video marketing works, and we are sure you know that video will work for your brand. So what are you waiting for, get in touch with details below to see how we can help tell your story!


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