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Spotlighting local businesses

At Dashing Duck Marketing, we're passionate about showcasing outstanding businesses in the South West, and Songbird Massage Wax, nestled in the picturesque Somerset region of the UK, is a true gem. As a marketing and content agency, we've had the privilege of collaborating with Songbird, and we're thrilled to share their inspiring story. Here's why Songbird Massage Wax, with its roots firmly planted in our South West community, has captured our attention and why they're a shining star worth celebrating.

Local Roots, Global Impact

Songbird Massage Wax is not just a business; it's a reflection of the South West's natural beauty and tranquility. Based in Somerset, Songbird embodies the spirit of our region. Inspired by the lush landscapes of Somerset, Songbird Massage Wax has garnered recognition not only locally but also across the UK and Europe. As marketing enthusiasts, we've witnessed firsthand the buzz that Songbird has generated within the massage therapy community. Their 100% natural beeswax-based massage mediums strike the perfect balance between grip and slip, providing a unique and effective tool for massage therapists. Through our video production services, we've had the pleasure of showcasing how Songbird's products have transformed the massage experience.

Captivating Case Study Films

One of the highlights of our collaboration with Songbird has been the creation of compelling case study films. These films dive deep into the experiences of massage therapists who have incorporated Songbird Massage Wax into their practice. We've had the privilege of witnessing firsthand how Songbird's massage wax has enhanced the quality of massages, making them more controlled, effective, and enjoyable for both therapists and clients. Through our videos, we've captured these transformative stories, adding a personal touch to Songbird's brand.

Engaging Talking Head Videos

In addition to case study films, we've also produced engaging talking head videos featuring experts and massage therapists who endorse Songbird's products. These videos provide valuable insights and tips on the benefits of using Songbird Massage Wax. Our goal is to not only highlight the quality of Songbird's offerings but also educate and empower their audience.

An Eco-Friendly Approach

Beyond their innovative products, Songbird Massage Wax demonstrates a strong commitment to sustainability. They offer both vegan and non-vegan options that differ only in their ethical impact. This aligns perfectly with our values in the South West, where we hold sustainability close to our hearts. Through our videos and content, we've conveyed the message that Songbird is not just a brand; it's a responsible, eco-conscious business.

Capturing the Local Essence

Working closely with Songbird Massage Wax has been a privilege for us at Dashing Duck Marketing. We're passionate about highlighting local success stories, and Songbird's journey perfectly embodies the South West's spirit of innovation, sustainability, and excellence. Through our collaboration, we've had the pleasure of creating films that capture Songbird's essence – a company rooted in Somerset yet making waves far beyond the South West.


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