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Why Video?

Video is a powerful form of marketing because it seizes a person's attention, keeps them engaged and means they stay on your website for longer. It can simply capture vast amounts of information in seconds worth of footage, and gives a visual punch to that information through precise editing and cleverly selected music. Videos look great on a website, social media, and on digital screens. And they are the best at pushing people to go beyond their engagement and make a purchase.

Unlike some other Marketing & Advertising Agencies, we produce all video content for our clients in-house through our own video production arm. In fact, we were originally a video production company called Dashing Bear Productions, which was set up in Gloucestershire in 2018 with the aim of offering high quality video to businesses across the UK. However, upon realising that we could offer so much more than just video, Dashing Duck Marketing was formed with the intention of still offering impressive videos that are insight and result driven.

Promotional Video

A good example of a powerful advertising video is a product promotional film. These simple yet punchy videos do what they say on the tin: promote a product. But the blending of stylish video, music, and other editing tricks makes them the most alluring, and the most effective, way to get people engaged and interested in the product you’re showing.


There’s plenty of data behind it, but what it really comes down to is that the creativity present in a good video forms a connection between it and the viewer, and that connection is more influential than anything in shaping their feeling as to whether or not they want the product. This can be used as part of your social media content or on your website, or even in a marketing newsletter.


Promotional Videos
Case Study Films

Case Study Films

Case study films are just as powerful as product promotional films, but their power lies in their capacity to inform and educate in a way that still entertains and can be used to win new business. Case study films ultimately help to explain a service and can turn pages of information into an engaging film that, backed by supporting footage and music, brings important causes to your attention and makes them memorable. 


Usually taking the form of interviews, these case studies are usually used by either businesses with a complicated service or charities that are looking to support their cause. Regardless, if you want to inform in an engaging way, a case study film is the way to go.

Animation &
Motion Graphics

One of the most experimental and creative ways to use video is through animation. In line with the branding used for your graphic design, animated videos use colours and shapes in eye-catching ways that, in turn, fully immerse you in the video.


If you want to really draw in an audience, using animation to promote your product or inform them on your cause can help you break through other voices using live action and have you leaving a lasting impression on those who watch it. Combine this with the fact that they look great on social media and on your website, animation isn’t a bad way to go.

Animation and Motion Graphics
Corporate Video

Corporate Video

Having a film for your business is a brilliant way to stand out and show your company's personality.  A great B2B or B2C video should see a good return on investment; acting as a solid marketing tool for a good few years. 

At Dashing Duck Marketing, we have demonstrable experience producing a range of high quality corporate communication videos designed to have a lasting impact. A clear example of this is the client testimonial we produced for Kung Fu Accounting, which did a great deal to clearly showcase their success in creating the undeniable satisfaction of their clients.


Event & Award Films

Events and Award films are a great way to capture the atmosphere and impact of the events in a truly memorable way. These films come in many types: event promos and presentation films, live streams, event highlights, award entry videos and nominee films, award show highlights, and nomination/announcement films.


Our team has worked on creating media for large corporate style events and marketing award films that demonstrate our abilities; and these campaigns went on to win various Cannes Lions Awards and MediaWeek awards. These films contained a mixture of animation, scripted voiceover, existing content, and newly filmed content.

Event and Award Films

Woodchester Cabinet Makers

Cotswold Canals Trust

With Covid preventing the National Lottery Heritage Fund from visiting the Cotswold Canal Trust to review a funding application, we produced this video that helped secure £8.9 million for the Trust.

Training Videos

Training Videos

Training videos are a great way to show new and existing procedures to staff; ensuring that your whole team is comfortable, confident, and up to speed. We will work with you to ensure that the film is engaging, educational, and fit to serve your objectives.


These videos can be weaved into an online course as part of e-learning material or used in person through induction events. A key example of a well-produced training video is the film we produced with Insignis; who used our expertise to help train their financial advisors.


Fundraising Films

Here at Dashing Duck Marketing we see ourselves as storytellers; and within the charity sector there are so many stories to tell. We will work with you to ensure that your message gets out, whether it's a 'day in the life of' film or a 'service explainer' film.


Over the years we have worked with a wide range of charities: from those supporting people who suffer from terminal illnesses like Hope For Tomorrow & Heart Heroes, to charities that provide educational support such as IT Schools Africa; to charities that benefit local society and wildlife, such as Cotswold Canals Trust & Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust.

360 video tours

360 Video Tours

360 videos are video recordings where a view in every direction is recorded at the same time, ultimately giving you a full surround view. These 360 videos allow your audience to have a full immersive experience, allowing your viewers a new perspective every time they watch, viewers can see the video from every angle just by swiping or moving the phone or tablet around, without having to use a headset required.  


360 creates a full experience for your customers! You can add links to products, as well as adding links to anything else related to your video, for example if you are a wedding venue, you could add a pdf explaining colour schemes. Making multiple 360 videos can also help showcase the different services or options you offer in a new and exciting way. 


Using 360 video for your brand can earn you more interactions, increase engagement (70% of marketers who have used 360 videos say it has increased engagement) and have a lasting impact. This will also show that your brand is innovative and forward-facing by using this new wave of video.  


Drone Videos

Drone Filming is a brilliant way to film from unique angles and provide refreshing dimensions. It can add a considerable amount of production value to an edit: ideal for showing off large environments, stunning architecture, impressive property, or large-scale events. We understand how to incorporate drone footage into an edit that creates a powerful film. 


A great example of effective and impactful drone footage can be seen in the promotional case study we produced with Calton Primary School. 

Drone Videos


The examples below showcase the variety of powerful films that we've crafted over the years to the satisfaction of businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Promotional Videos

Tovi Sorga - Craftmanship

Tovi Sorga wanted to create a series of films that advertised their products. This video shows the craftsmanship behind their products.


Republique came to us wanting a promotional film that would explain the digital fashion products they provide and the environmental consciousness at the heart of their business.

Tovi Sorga - Model

This Tovi Sorga film captures the fun and playful side of the product. Filmed with a model inside their studio.


Case Study Videos

Woodchester Cabinet Makers

Hope for Tomorrow

Cotswold Canals Trust

Woodchester Cabinet Makers approached us to help showcase the craftsmanship behind their new range of Shaker Style cabinets, that are handmade in the Cotswolds.

Hope for Tomorrow wanted a series of films to show how important their service is to cancer patients. This film explains how the mobile cancer care units work.

With Covid preventing the National Lottery Heritage Fund from visiting the Cotswold Canal Trust to review a funding application, we produced this video that helped secure £8.9 million for the Trust.


Animation & Motion Graphics - Examples

El Rayo

Twisting Spirits

Muddy Little Boots

We’re big fans of El Rayo’s signature tequila and snazzy image, and we crafted this powerful little animated video to capture the best things about their brand and products.

We crafted this punchy little animation for Twisting Spirits, a local gin distillery, to help them show off the unique identity of their drinks and the allure of their brand.

We worked with Muddy Little Boots, a children’s book publishing company, to create an animated film to go alongside the release of their new books.


Corporate Videos - Examples

Hollie Gazzard Summary

Kung Fu Accounting - Trainspotters

Kung Fu Accounting - Spacehoppers

We produced a concise engaging summary video for the Hollie Gazzard Trust, a domestic violence charity, to help them spread their message and encourage support.

We worked with Kung Fu Accounting, a chartered accountant based in Stroud, to produce a client testimonial from Trainspotters; a lighting company who benefited from their services.

Spacehoppers, a co-working space based in Stroud, we’re incredibly happy with the help they had received from Kung-Fu Accounting; so we worked with the both of them to produce a punchy client testimonial.


Event & Award Films - Examples

Hollie Gazzard Golf Day


Dorset Moon

The Hollie Gazzard Trust hosted a Golf Day to raise money and awareness for all the good work they’re doing to combat abuse, so we tagged along to create an upbeat film that captures the importance of their charitable goals.

We worked with Appsbroker, a software company, to produce a highlights film that showed off a London Velodrome event that they hosted for their clients.

Luke Jerram’s Festival of the Moon was set to tour the south of England, so we produced a paper-animation film to raise interest and clarify when and where people can get involved.