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Dashing Duck Marketing - Wine Marketing

When in Rome wine jumped onto the drinks scene with a bold and innovative idea: sustainably deliver high-quality wine by selling it in a box instead of a bottle. We can't say whether or not someone else came up with this idea before When in Rome wine decided to go all in with it, but what we can say is that they're the first company we've seen pull it off with style.

The business approached us as a creative agency to create a film that could be used on social media and at trade shows to promote their product and spread their brand recognition. They already had a bunch of pre-made assets, from images to films, and so our job was to craft these resources into a punchy, memorable film.

The resulting video was an absolute success. The company approached Phillip Schofield, who consequently became a brand ambassador for the company with his own range of signature wines, and have likewise partnered with Waitrose, who now offer When in Rome wine at their stores as well being including the brand as part of their Unpacked trials. It's incredibly rewarding knowing that one single film has helped When in Rome achieve the success that they've always deserved.

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