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Woodchester Cabinet Makers based in Stroud were launching a new product range of cabinets and a new website to promote their products. They approached us as they wanted a series of videos that explained their quality service, expertise, and experience. Whilst the owner was happy to be the voice of the product and service, he did not want to appear on camera, and wanted to focus on the craftsmanship of their work. The company also wanted to increase their social media presence, so that they could appeal to a new audience. Our aim as a Gloucestershire based creative agency was to show their craftsmanship and skill whilst attracting new customers by showing off their design work.

Production involved shooting two main case study films, bolstered by sharp shots, slow motion time-lapsesthat gave audiences a visually stunning window into the careful, artistic skill that goes into each and every cabinet they craft. We then also looked at opportunities to add value, and filmed content that could be used across their social media platforms. During the edit, sections of these two films were repurposed into smaller social media edits that, through instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook, gave the company more bang for their buck.

The final films are a perfect example of how case study & product promotional films can elevate the allure and reach of your business. Housed across their digital space including website and social media, the videos have successfully drawn in new customers and highlighted the sheer quality of the business' offering. We're incredibly proud of the fact that we were able to help in this way, and we're excited at the possibility of working with Woodchester more in the future.


"Dashing Duck Marketing recently produced some films for us and we couldn't be more happy with the results. They were totally professional throughout the whole process and we as a company could not recommend them high enough."

Tim Buckingham

Woodchester Cabinet Makers


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