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Woods Valldata, a company that helps charities with fundraising, wanted a film that showcased the services they offer to charities; such as direct debit features and how they manage direct debits for clients. 


With a limited range of assets, we created a script for their “how to” film that showed how the service worked, and that brought the script to life with an engaging animation. 


Based on the success of the first video, the company is planning to roll out another 9 films that show the other services that they offer in the same style and we look forward to working with them as their creative agency.


"We're thrilled with the animation produced by Dashing Duck Marketing. They were collaborative in their approach and clear in terms of when work would be delivered and when they needed feedback by to keep to our required deadlines. I felt they were in control of the process throughout and that gave me confidence (and meant I didn't need to manage the process - wonderful!). The finished piece takes a relatively dry subject and makes it look interesting. It is completely on brand and on brief."

Helen Halahan

Woods Valldata


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